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We build new clocks the same way our ancestors did way back in 1826 - without compromise. Movements are built to a quality standard one will simply not find anywhere else today. Plates are of  substantial thickness, all pinions are hardened and tempered using traditional methods. The emphasis at every stage of production is to produce a clock that will last for generations. You will not find mass produced movements hidden in our clocks - they are all made here in Ashbourne, Derbyshire by craftsmen.

Our Clocks

Hook & Spike

Our most popular clock this type of hook & Spike clock is unique to the historical clockmakers of our area. It is available with a choice of dials and hands.

You can learn more about our hook & spikes by clicking here.

Crown Skeleton Clock

Our founder William Haycock was a famous maker of skeleton clocks. Here the skill of the clockmaker can be fully appreciated with every part of the hand made movement on show. 

Here you see our Crown Pattern Skeleton Clock. An exact copy of an original Haycock design this clock runs for a month on a single wind and is finished in heavy silver plate.

crown wix.jpg

For more information on the crown skeleton clock please contact us using the information on the contact page

9" Dial Wall Clock

While visually similar to our Hook & Spike wall clock the 9" Dial features a larger movement and dial. This movement allows the clock to run for eight days between winds. Behind the dial the movement is covered by an oak case.

As with the Hook & Spike the 9" Dial Wall Clock is available with either an engraved brass or painted dial and a choice of hands. In addition the clock can be provided with either a brass cased or black iron weight. All 9" Dial Clocks are made to order.

9 dial full centre.jpg

Prices for 9" Dial Clocks start at £2600

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